Best Pool Villa in Goa


Let’s compare the luxury villas with the luxury hotels


>>> Privacy: Villas offer the level of privacy that can’t be matched by any luxury hotel ranging from dining options on the pool to not hanging the “do not disturb” stickers on the front door.

>>> Private pool: The villas provide the opportunity to use your pool all day and night long which is not permitted in the star hotels as they have specific timings for use of pool.

>>> Price: Villas are usually economical as pricing for stay per person is reduced when a group staying in 3 to 4 bedroom villas compared to the luxury hotels.

>>> Pet friendly: Luxury villas are often allows pets which are not the case with the luxury hotels.

>>> Amenities and area: Luxury villas are generally bigger than all the largest hotel suites offering gardens, private pools, living area, balcony, terrace and kitchen.



>>> Room service: The luxury hotels offer 24 hour room service which most of the villas don’t provide.

>>> Concierge: The luxury hotels also have the concierge facility with restaurants. Many have kids play rooms also.

>>> Location: Hotels are usually set in the beaches or in the center of attraction. This is one things which is a major disadvantage of a a villa usually.